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Materials Cloud

"Materials Cloud" - simulation, education, research and archiving services for computational materials science.

"Materials Cloud" highly simplifies managing research data and results in computational materials science



About the project

"Materials Cloud" is a platform that makes it straightforward to apply the FAIR principles of "Findable", "Accessible", "Interoperable" and "Reusable" data in computational materials science. It offers a comprehensive range of software (also as online services) for simulations, for education, for research and for data archiving. The engine behind "Materials Cloud" is "AiiDA", a fully open-source infrastructure.




H2020 MaX Centre of Excellence

Battery2030+ BIG-MAP

H2020 MarketPlace

H2020 Intersect

OSSCAR (EPFL Open Science project)  





DOME 4.0

Key data

  • Enable easy FAIR data access and sharing for computational materials science
  • Based on AiiDA for full data provenance tracking of all simulations
  • Hosts over 22 million downloadable crystal structures, 7.5 million structures with associated first-principles simualtions, hundreds of thousands of reproducible calculatiosn with full AiiDA provenance
  • The Materials Cloud Archive is a recommended repository by the journals Scientific Data and Open Research Europe

Project management

Project leader: Dr. Giovanni Pizzi (EPFL),

Deputy Project leader: Dr. Carlo Pignedoli (Empa),