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swissuniversities welcomes the UK's return to the Horizon programme and calls for swift solutions for Switzerland

The UK has been re-associated with Horizon Europe and Copernicus with immediate effect. This is very positive news for British researchers. Switzerland knows the disadvantages of exclusion from the EU programmes, such as the loss of networks or more difficult collaborations. swissuniversities is therefore urging swift solutions.

The UK has worked hard to reach agreements with the EU and has now been successful in gaining association to the EU research programmes. This step gives universities in Switzerland hope that the European Union will be able to find solutions for the inclusion of third countries in the still ongoing programme, and that Switzerland's negotiation efforts in Brussels can quickly yield results.

Full association to the EU education and research programmes remains an absolute priority for Swiss universities. Participation in the EU programmes cannot be replaced by various bilateral agreements with individual countries. swissuniversities points out the considerable disadvantages of non-association with the EU programmes not only for Swiss universities but also for Switzerland as a whole.  Knowledge and education are among Switzerland's most important resources. If universities are weakened, Switzerland will also lose its attractiveness as a location. It is therefore in the general interest of society to prevent an erosion of the international positioning of Switzerland as a centre of knowledge and education.

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