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Qualifying examination

Based on application figures, the Swiss Conference of Higher Education Institutions (SHK) can propose that admission restrictions (numerus clausus) be enacted for human, dental and veterinary medicine as well as for chiropractic care, and can regulate admissions by means of a qualifying examination.

Any admission procedure involving a qualifying examination will be prepared by CRUS in collaboration with the Zentrum für Testentwicklung und Diagnostik (ZTD) of the Psychology Department of the University of Fribourg.

ZTD is the information centre for specific questions regarding the qualifying examination. It has issued several publications on this topic as well as a list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding the qualifying examination and numerus clausus.

The aptitude test took place on 3 July 2020. For further information about the execution of the aptitude test please refer to the statistical report in German / French compiled by the Zentrum für Testentwicklung und Diagnostik.