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ERI Dispatch 2025-2028




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Statement on SERI's implementation proposal as part of the project 'Positioning of Higher Professional School'

The universities are aware that VET/PET is an important component of the successful model of the Swiss education system. Accordingly, swissuniversities has a great deal of understanding for the concern to strengthen VET/PET with its various facets.

For instance, the universities can fully relate to the proposition to encrease the visibility of higher professional schools by giving them the title of "Höhere Fachschule" (Higher Professional School).

However, the title additions "Professional Bachelor" and "Professional Master" raise questions, which render swissuniversities sceptical - as documented on previous occasions. The key issue is that the proposed titles (supplements) are anchored in the higher education sector. Using them additionally in the context of higher vocational education and training risks creating further confusion. This would also reduce the profile differentiation of the various educational offers, which forms an important element of the education system in Switzerland. It should also be noted that with this suggestion Bachelor's and Master's degrees could be directly obtained, without a vocational baccalaureate. This could devalue the vocational baccalaureate. swissuniversities therefore suggests examining how this risk can be taken into account and dealt with, e.g. by adding further title information. 

Furthermore, as the Federal Council itself has emphasised, it seems opportune to embed the issue of titles in the broader efforts to strengthen PET.

swissuniversities is willing and interested to continue the exchange on these questions and to contribute constructively towards a solution in the interest of PET and Switzerland as a centre of education.

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