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Negotiations with Springer Nature

swissuniversities has adopted a new Open Access agreement with Springer Nature.

The Swiss Agreement entitles authors affiliated with member institutions of swissuniversities and additional Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries' customers to publish 100% of their accepted research papers immediately Open Access in Springer Nature’s over 2000 Hybrid journals. Furthermore, the Swiss Agreement provides full reading and continuing access to Springer Nature’s journal portfolio (incl. Springer, Palgrave, Adis, and Nature Academic Journals) for all researchers and students affiliated with the participating institutions.  

This agreement represents a significant step towards achieving the goal of 100% Open Access published articles by 2024 in Switzerland - a goal aimed by the national Open Access strategy of swissuniversities. After contract signing with Elsevier in May 2020, this agreement is the second national contract with a major publisher, supporting all academic and research institutions across Switzerland as they transition to Open Access.


Update from November 12, 2021

As announced in August, the quota of articles included in the contract with Springer Nature has now been reached. This means that researchers from participating institutions will no longer be able to publish their articles Open Access free of charge until the end of the year. Researchers can contact their institution to discuss the alternatives available. A new quota of free Open Access articles will be available again from January 2022.


Update from August 25, 2021

After 20 months, it has become apparent that the agreement with Springer Nature has been better received than expected. The researchers from the participating institutions are publishing a lot, which is a good sign on the way to 100% Open Access for 2024. At the same time, however, this also means that the quota of contractually agreed articles for 2021 will not be sufficient until the end of the year as expected and that the maximum number of included articles will probably be reached in October 2021. A new quota will be available again for 2022, so that from January 2022 at the latest, articles can be published again via contract without additional APC costs.


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