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Open Research Data

Open Science is a paradigm that seeks to make scientific research, data and their dissemination available to all levels of an enquiring society and the public. As a dimension of Open Science,

Open Research Data (ORD) has to do with facilitating access to and reuse of research data. This in turn promotes better, more effective research for the benefit of society as a whole. Through the principles of open access and reusability of research data, ORD practices support transparent, reproducible research findings. ORD also promotes collaboration by making it easier for researchers to share their knowledge across disciplines, legal systems and borders, enabling creativity and innovation in the process.

Our mandate

In January 2020, the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) commissioned swissuniversities to develop a Swiss National Open Research Data Strategy, an associated action plan, a background report as well as a mandate for project-related contributions for Open Research Data activities from 2022–2024. This mandate is part of the Open Science programme and complements the activities in the Open Access field. swissuniversities is carrying out this work with ERI partner organizations (ETH Board, SNSF and Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences).

The Open Science Delegation has mandated two temporary bodies for this purpose:

Current status of the activities

swissuniversities published the ORD strategy in early July 2021. During the summer and fall of 2021, preparatory work is continuing both on the ORD action plan and on the launch of the programme that will fund ORD activities during the period 2022-2024. Further information will be published in due course.