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The swissuniversities Board recommends in principle the introduction of the COVID certificate

On September 8, 2021, the Federal Council decided on more far-reaching measures that affect the universities: "The cantons or universities may introduce a certificate requirement for teaching at Bachelor and Master level. In such cases, students would not be required to wear a mask and there would be no restriction on classroom capacity. The general rules on events continue to apply for other events at universities and continuing education institutions." 

The swissuniversities board has analyzed the consequences of the Federal Council's decision. It remains the goal of universities to offer students and university staff the best possible structures for teaching and research, depending on the circumstances.  

For this reason, the swissuniversities Board recommends that universities introduce a COVID certificate requirement as a matter of principle for all activities that take place within the framework of the university. In doing so, they shall take local conditions into account, and a transitional period may be established. The control of the COVID certificate obligation is to be carried out appropriately and proportionately, for example with random checks. 


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