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Transparency in research using animals: creation of the STAAR Commission

swissuniversities has created the STAAR Commission (Swiss Transparency Agreement on Animal Research). The Commission will support the institutions involved with research using animals in their communication with the public.

Organisations that join STAAR commit to communication and transparency regarding the use of animals in research. Concrete objectives are defined each year, and signatory organisations report on their progress towards greater transparency.

At the beginning of June, the STAAR Plenary Assembly held its first meeting. It designated the University of Zurich as the lead organisation for the period 2022-2023 and appointed the members of the working group, which is responsible for the management of STAAR. To date, STAAR brings together 24 organisations, both public and private.

STAAR is a Commission of the Chamber of Universities of swissuniversities. Its mandate and additional information are available on its webpage.

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