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Swiss Transparency Agreement on Animal Research (STAAR)

STAAR aims to improve communication and transparency regarding the use of animals in research. It brings together both public and private organisations that either carry out, are involved and/or fund animal research or institutions which breed and supply animals . STAAR is a Commission of the Chamber of Universities.

Signatory organisations make the following commitments:

  • We will be clear about how and why we use or support the use of animals in research,
  • We will enhance our communication with the public and the media about our involvement with research using animals,
  • We will be proactive in providing opportunities for the public to find out about our involvement with research using animals,
  • We will report on progress annually and share our experiences.

Concrete objectives (‘STAAR Standards’) are defined each year. In June 2022, the following objectives have been set:

Policy Statement

Signatories acknowledge their involvement with research using animals by adding a policy statement on their website, including a commitment to advancing the implementation of the 3Rs. The policy statement is signed by the responsible of the domain of animal experimentation in the institution.

Contact person

Signatories identify a point of contact for information on their organisation’s involvement in the use of animals in research and on eventual further initiatives aimed at increasing transparency (e.g. site visits).

Open animal experimentation

Signatories work towards providing comprehensible explanations of animal research projects and procedures and information about the statistics of animal experimentation in their institution. In this regard, signatories work towards making publicly available

  • images and, if possible, videos from their institutions,
  • figures of animal use specific to their institutions,
  • the mention of the use of animal research in press releases reporting important new research findings.

Annual report

Signatories report to STAAR annually on measures they have taken in order to fulfil the commitments.

STAAR's activities are planned and executed by two bodies: the Plenary Assembly composed of representatives of all members, and a Working Group which is responsible for the management of STAAR. STAAR is promoted at the national level by a member organisation which is designated as the lead organisation.

Members of the Working Group

  • Daniele Roppolo (UNIGE), President
  • Cédric Focking Schneider (UNIL)
  • Michael O. Hottiger (UZH and President of Forschung für Leben)
  • Marius Widmer (President of the Communication group of the Swiss Animal Facilities Network, SAFN)
  • Birgit Ledermann (Interpharma and President of the Swiss Society for Laboratory Animal Science, SGV)
  • Jenny Sandström (Executive Director, Swiss 3R Competence Center, 3RCC)
  • Michaela Thallmair (UZH and Chair of the Animal Welfare Officer Network, AWO-N)
  • Xavier Warot (EPFL and Chair of the Executive Board of the Swiss Animal Facilities Network, SAFN)
  • Hanno Würbel (UNIBE and President Kommission für Tierversuchsethik, KTVE)

The following organisations are members of STAAR (List):

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Contact: Anne Planche