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How can I apply?

Application materials

The application materials for all countries are available online for download. Information about the application procedure can be found in the call for applications of the host country (see map of countries).

Direct application to host country

Some countries require a direct application, generally online. While we endeavour to keep the information on our website as current as possible, swissuniversities is not automatically informed about changes such as, for example, a second round of applications. For this reason, we recommend that persons interested in scholarships consult the provided link to the website of the host country.

Because swissuniversities compiles statistics on behalf of the federal government, we ask that applicants who apply directly to a host country notify us via e-mail to stip(at)

Application with swissuniversities

swissuniversities recommends that applicants pre-register in cases where a direct application to a host country is not required. To do so, applicants should fill in the Preliminary application form and send it via e-mail to stip(at) After completing this step, potential applicants will automatically receive information about the scholarship offer and the application procedure once the call for applications has been issued.

swissuniversities forwards the applications to the host country, which then selects the scholarship recipient(s) and informs either swissuniversities or the candidate(s) of the result.

swissuniversities accepts preliminary applications only for countries that offer government scholarships to Switzerland and that do not require a direct application (see map of countries).

Contact for Swiss students and researchers

Scholarship Service
Effingerstrasse 15
P.O. Box
3001 Bern


  • Liliane Järmann, lic. phil.
    Mail for the USA
  • Lina Fischer, M A
    Mail for China and Japan
  • Mail for other countries