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Foreign government scholarships for Swiss students and researchers

Students and researchers often owe an intensive and inspiring study or research stay abroad to a scholarship. They return with intercultural experiences and valuable relationships that enrich both their personal lives and professional careers.


"As a Fulbright grantee I was able to spend a wonderful, interesting and inspiring time as a resident of New York City. The experiences I have made during this time are today inseparably related to the progress of my research and an important part of my life."

Djuna Haag, New York University, USA

swissuniversities manages government scholarships of over 30 countries. Scholarships for a study or research stay abroad are offered to Swiss students, researchers and, to a lesser degree, artists. Non-Swiss citizens may also apply for scholarships of certain countries as long as the applicant resides in Switzerland and is matriculated at a Swiss higher education institution.

Government scholarships are funded by the host countries; swissuniversities is responsible for issuing the call for applications and, if the host country does not require a direct application, for managing the application process and pre-selecting candidates.

The type, duration and amount of a scholarship varies greatly from country to country. Scholarships are awarded for studies, research, specialisations, teaching, art or language courses; the duration can last from a few weeks to several years. Normally, a government scholarship covers the cost of living and studying in the host country. Some countries, however, only award partial scholarships; in such cases, the scholarship recipient is personally responsible for covering the remaining costs.


"My Fulbright year has been an incredible year, not only academically, but perhaps far more on a cultural and personal level. I am grateful to have had the chance to complete my second master degree at one of the world's leading institutions in international law, gaining in-depth expertise in this particular field while working on an important project for women's rights. Thanks to the Fulbright program and the internationality of Georgetown University, I made friends with bright minds and amazing leaders, in law and in other disciplines, of around 100 countries. My gratitude for this accumulation of wonderful experiences is infinite. I am confident that the many beautiful and challenging encounters in this fascinating country, and in particular some of the most enriching friendships I have ever had, will have a long lasting impact: As son, brother, citizen, and international attorney."

Andreas Schregenberger (on the right), Georgetown University, enjoying Arlington VA with his LL.M. friends

All countries providing information about scholarships are marked on the map below. A pop-up window containing details opens by clicking a marked country. Alternatively, you can find the countries that offer scholarships in the list view.