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Foreign government scholarships for Swiss students and researchers

Students and researchers often owe an intensive and inspiring study or research stay abroad to a scholarship. They return with intercultural experiences and valuable relationships that enrich both their personal lives and professional careers.

swissuniversities manages government scholarships of over 30 countries. Scholarships for a study or research stay abroad are offered to Swiss students, researchers and, to a lesser degree, artists. Non-Swiss citizens may also apply for scholarships of certain countries as long as the applicant resides in Switzerland and is matriculated at a Swiss higher education institution.

Government scholarships are funded by the host countries; swissuniversities is responsible for issuing the call for applications and, if the host country does not require a direct application, for managing the application process and pre-selecting candidates.

The type, duration and amount of a scholarship varies greatly from country to country. Scholarships are awarded for studies, research, specialisations, teaching, art or language courses; the duration can last from a few weeks to several years. Normally, a government scholarship covers the cost of living and studying in the host country. Some countries, however, only award partial scholarships; in such cases, the scholarship recipient is personally responsible for covering the remaining costs.

All countries providing information about scholarships are marked on the map below. A pop-up window containing details opens by clicking a marked country. Alternatively, you can find the countries that offer scholarships in the list view.