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Study and research abroad with government scholarships

For Swiss students and researchers swissuniversities manages government scholarships of over 30 countries for study or research stays abroad.


Scholarship offers

Countries that provide government scholarships to Switzerland are marked in red on the country map below.

Information on the scholarships offered by the respective countries can be accessed as follows:

  • Country map: Clicking on a country on the map opens a window with information on the scholarship offer.
  • List view: All offering countries are listed in alphabetical order. Clicking on the country name opens a window with information on the scholarships on offer.
  • Open calls: Here you can find the scholarship programs for which you can currently apply.

The scholarship offer depends on the respective host country. Scholarship programs vary greatly from country to country. Scholarships are awarded for the following:

  • Graduate studies (bachelor's, master's, doctoral).
  • Mobility (summer courses, non-degree studies)
  • Research (at all career levels)
  • Continuing education
  • Teaching activities
  • Language courses

The swissuniversities annual report (-> Downloads) also provides detailed information on the scholarships offered by the various host countries and key data on previous scholarship holders. Further personal impressions are available on the "Testimonials" page.

Application requirements

The scholarships offered for a study or research stay abroad are aimed at Swiss students, researchers and, in some cases, artists. For some countries, people without Swiss citizenship can also apply, provided they are resident in Switzerland and enrolled at a Swiss university.

The requirements for application depend on the respective scholarship offer and are different for each host country. Country-specific information on the application criteria is listed in the buttons in the country map above as well as in the list view. In case of any uncertainties or open questions, the contact persons listed on the right are at your disposal.

Scholarship benefits

Government scholarships are funded by the host countries. Scholarship benefits vary greatly from country to country. Typically, a government scholarship covers living and study expenses in the host country. However, some countries offer only partial scholarships. All other costs must be financed from the student's own resources. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to find out exactly to what extent supplementary financing through other means is necessary and possible.

Application procedure

swissuniversities is in charge of the application procedure and the pre-selection of candidates, unless the host country requires a direct application. More information on the application procedure is available in the section "How can I apply?".