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KFPE SUDAC SNSF Conference - Decolonizing Swiss Research Collaborations

On May 5th 2023, the KFPE held its annual conference in collaboration with SUDAC and the Swiss National Science Foundation. This years’ focus lay on the process of decolonizing research partnerships. On our conference website you will find the relevant information about the conference and the online workshop series.

 At the conferences we discussed how to decolonize research partnerships, we provided opportunities to exchange and we presented some exciting news. The conference was supported by a series of online workshops before the event.

Time & Date

May 5th 2023

13:00 - 18:00


Kornhausforum Bern

Conference website


CLOSED Call for Workshop Proposals: Decolonizing Research Partnerships

On May 5th 2023, the KFPE (Swiss Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries) will hold its annual conference in collaboration with the SUDAC and SOR4D programmes. This year we will focus on processes of decolonizing research partnerships. To set the scene, a series of online workshops is planned in the period of April 17th-May 1st. 

The aim of these workshops is to bring together professionals involved in Swiss North-South research collaborations, to promote exchange on the topic of decolonization and discuss ideas or promising practices to tackle this demanding challenge.

Successful proposals engage with the question of decolonization in research partnerships and present ideas on how to implement measures in practice. 

Possible focal points are wide-ranging and could include, for example:

-          Funding models

-          Project governance

-          Partnership design

-          Presentation and communication of projects

-          Institutional procedures

We invite researchers, project coordinators, students as well as practitioners from development cooperation and business to submit their workshop ideas.  

Researchers and practice partners interested in organizing an online workshop are invited to submit their proposal no later than February 26th. The workshops ideally have a duration between 60 to 120 minutes and promote discussion between the participants. Workshop formats can vary from presentation series to round tables or other innovative forms of online exchange. We will support you in setting up the workshops. 

Please use this LINK to submit your workshop idea and topic. We will then select a variety of the most convincing proposals, discuss with you how to combine similar proposals, and set a date for your digital workshop.

Please contact us if you have any questions.