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Call for Open Access projects

Project Ideas Check

The Program Coordination is offering to all applicants, at the latest two months prior to the Open Access (OA) action lines' deadlines, one “project ideas check” session.

During this session of approx. 30 minutes, it is expected from the applicants that they present the key ideas behind their respective project showcasing in particular how the proposal:

  1. fits within the current open action line(s)
  2. builds upon existing OA resources, e-infrastructures and services, and
  3. fosters national resources while stimulating national cooperations and synergies across Swiss higher education institutions.

In preparation for each meeting, the applicants agree to share at least one week in advance the main points and/or documents they will present in more depth during the project ideas session. Please note that this “project ideas check” service does not substitute for the mission of the Reviewers who are asked to assess proposals once submitted to the Open Science program.