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Project COSI

The COSI (Coordination Office for Scientific Information) project was designed as a national organisation and thus as a hub between the universities. On their behalf, COSI was to coordinate a sustainable, dynamic portfolio of shared services and infrastructures and promote relations between service providers and customers.

Suspension of the project

The role and significance of Open Research Data (ORD) for universities in Switzerland is becoming increasingly clear. Following preparatory work in the course of 2019 to define an overall Open Science strategy, the focus was shifted to a reorientation of the strategy towards Open Research Data. In view of these developments, the Board of swissuniversities decided to suspend the implementation of COSI until its concept can be re-examined on the basis of the ORD action plan.

Should the feasibility of the concept be confirmed under these new circumstances, the swissuniversities Board will reconsider resuming work.