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TP1: Doctoral programmes of the universities (2017-2020)

Contents: Supporting universities through annual contributions to the development, expansion and the running of doctoral programmes.

Target group: The programme addresses higher education institutions and not individual doctoral candidates.

Duration: The programme is part of the federal project contributions 2017–2020. Due to the Covid-related situation, the Swiss Hochschulkonferenz decided on 26 November 2020 to extend the programme up to 31 December 2021.

Call for tenders: The universities were invited to submit applications for the funding of new doctoral programmes in 2016. TP1 Doctoral Programmes of the Universities will not be continued in 2021–2024

The "TP1: Doctoral programme of the universities" sub-project supports universities through annual contributions to the development, expansion and running of doctoral programmes which best complement the existing institutional structures. TP1 is the successor to the SUK programme P-1 "Doctoral programmes" (2013– 2016), which aims to improve the appeal and quality of doctoral education, doctorates the career prospects of doctoral candidates.

The primary emphasis is on the following goals:

  • The arts, humanities and social sciences: the focus of promotion is on doctoral programmes in these disciplines, however, new doctoral programmes in other disciplines are also encouraged.
  • An interdisciplinary approach is taken, embracing the various institutional structures: the promoted programmes and activities are inter-university (two or more universities) or inter-institutional (two or more units of a university).
  • Sustainability: universities continue successful programmes/activities that are in line with their strategy/planning.

TP1 is subdivided into two "pillars".

First pillar: "Current programmes"

Firstly, the doctoral programmes and activities created in the years 2012/13–2016 are continued. The following principles apply:

  • Allocation of funds to the universities and ETHs using the well-proven allocation scheme of the closed SUK programme.
  • The universities and ETHs select the programmes/activities they wish to continue to promote.
  • The annual portions apply the declining balance method: the universities and ETHs are encouraged to gradually take on successful programmes where these are in line with their strategy/planning.

Second pillar: "New programmes"

Secondly, new programmes set up in 2017 are also promoted. The universities have been invited to submit applications to swissuniversities for the funding of doctoral programmes. The Chamber of Universities selected the programmes to be supported in November 2016.