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EURAXESS On Tour: Roadshow in Zurich, we take your research further!

ETH Zürich und Universität Zürich

Zwischen dem 3. März und 30. April 2014 besucht der EURAXESS Roadshow Bus 22 europäische Länder und 29 Städte: ETH Zürich und Universität Zürich, 9. April 2014.

Die EURAXESS Roadshow in Zürich besteht aus drei Teilen:

Part I: Mobilise your research career

Meet the EURAXESS staff at the bus and get some practical information concerning the professional and daily life of a mobile researcher as well as information on job opportunities. Use the possibility to take a professional photo for your CV.

Part II: Win your first grant

Learn more about EURAXESS and the different grant schemes for young researchers offered by the European Union, the Swiss National Science Foundation, the ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich.


Part III: Meet the decision makers and hear the voice of young academics

Enjoy a Science Slam session and follow the discussion between young researchers and the persons in charge of the promotion of young academics on how to improve the researchers’ working conditions.

Discussion: Challenges for young academics

Moderator: Dr Thomas Eichenberger, ETH Zürich, Office of Faculty Affairs

Nassim Nasseri (AVETH), Wolfgang Fuhrmann (VAUZ), Ariane Studer, swissuniversities, Dr Wendy Altherr, Promotion of young academics, ETH Zürich


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