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Postgraduate students with an interesting research project proposal can often apply for financial support from foundations and other funds. It is advisable to search for foundations which support your particular field of research.

The following directories give an overview of the foundations available:

  1. Federal foundation directory: Since 1 July 2006 all classical foundations under federal supervision have been listed in the electronic foundation directory – in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act of 17 December 2004.
  2. Through various foundations the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences SAMS can provide support for research projects in the fields of medicine and biology.
  3. is an information service provided by the Federal Office of Culture and the Migros Kulturprozent. The directory contains addresses of private- and public-sector funding bodies and of the main cultural associations.
  4. At members can find all grant-awarding private foundations, funds and other organisations. One-off membership costs CHF 39.
  5. is a digital directory of foundations and sponsors which is linked to the Commercial Register and so updated daily. Other entries are made manually on a periodic basis. Basic use is free-of-charge; premium membership costs CHF 290 per year.
  6. is a web-based application which lists around 13 000 foundations in Switzerland. The platform is an instrument for anyone involved in any way with a foundation. The main functions can be used free of charge; in addition there is a range of different subscriptions available.

EDUCA SWISS is the Swiss Foundation for the promotion and financing of education. The Foundation supports all vocational education projects, irrespective of age, qualification or origin.
Thanks to free coaching and arranging of educational loans to socially acceptable conditions, the foundation helps motivated people to reach their personal career goal.
The Foundation thus complements the existing funding and advisory services, especially for those who do not benefit from educational financing because they do not have sufficient access to scholarships and/or cannot be supported by their families.
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