Erneuter Anmelderekord für das Medizinstudium in der Schweiz

Mit schweizweit 6407 Anmeldungen für das Studium...

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Launch ist das neue nationale Portal für...

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Merkmale der PH und Strategie 2017-2020

Am 1. Februar 2017 hat die Kammer Pädagogische...

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A National Open Access Strategy: Toward the Unrestricted Publication of Research Output

At its plenary assembly on Tuesday, 31 January...

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Die europäischen Hochschulen fordern ein sofortiges Überdenken von Trumps Einreiseverbot

Die European University Association EUA ist...

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Neue Governance für das Zulassungsverfahren für das Medizinstudium

swissuniversities übernimmt künftig mehr...

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Echange et coopération en recherche et enseignement: opportunités européennes

La Commission recherche et développement de la...

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SUDAC programme: first call for proposals launched

The swissuniversities Development and Cooperation...

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EURAXESS website relaunch: we are online

The website has been relaunched...

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BREF – Brückenschläge mit Erfolg

Die Förderentscheide sind gefallen. Die nächste...

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Promoting young talent

Promoting academic and scientific talent is one of a higher education institution's core duties. In accordance with their profile, the universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of teacher education have developed their own career paths, and recruit and develop professionals based on their needs.

Outside of the higher education institutions there are promotional instruments with different goals and target audiences. The SUK-Programm P1 (2013-2016) is coordinated by swissuniversities to support universities in the area of doctoral education. The follow-up programme PhD programmes and development of third-cycle education (2017-2020) includes three sub-projects: In addition to doctoral programmes at the universities (TP1), doctoral studies at the universities of teacher education and the universities of applied sciences are also promoted in cooperation with a Swiss university (TP2) or a foreign university (TP3). Based on a federal mandate, swissuniversities coordinates the programme Cotutelle de thèse which supports dissertation projects under the joint supervision of two experts from Switzerland and from abroad.

The universities of applied sciences and the universities of teacher education are faced with the challenge of finding sufficient qualified employees that have both scientific as well as practical/educational experience. Therefore, young academics at both of these types of universities are encouraged due to the support of Pilot programmes strengthening the dual competencies profile of students at universities of applied sciences and universities of teacher education (2017-2020).

Promoting young academics is especially important in the area of teaching methodology. The programme Development of academic skills in subject-specific didactics (2017-2020) is intended to ensure that teacher training institutions have highly qualified specialists in subject-specific didactics as lecturers, and are able to offer courses to the trainee teachers on a strong academic foundation.

The goal is to increase equal opportunity at Swiss universities with targeted support. The programme Equal opportunity and university development 2017-2020 aims to ensure an even number of men and women in higher education and is also concerned with other aspects of inequality and diversity at universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of teacher education.