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Swiss Academic Dual Career Network

The Swiss Academic Dual Career Network (S-ADCN) supports cooperation and networking between the participating institutions with the aim of creating favorable framework conditions within the Swiss academic landscape to support dual-career couples (DCC). For this purpose, the 17 institutions participating in the network agreed on six measures and set them out in a Letter of Intent.

The network fosters an ongoing exchange of learning experiences and information between the participating institutions in order to develop best practices as well as individual solutions for couples living in dual-career constellations. The network encourages the (further) advancement of DCC strategies developed by the participating institutions. Additionally, the network offers training sessions at the network meetings.

The network pools expert knowledge on dual-career couples in Switzerland and invites further academic institutions to join and contribute to its development. It establishes contact with both the private and the public sector.

Every year, the network elects its spokesperson.