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TP2: Cooperation between Swiss UASAs/UTEs and Swiss universities

Contents: Supporting cooperative projects at doctoral level between UASAs/UTEs and universities.

Target group: The programme addresses UASAs and UTEs in cooperation with universities.

Duration: Project contributions 2021–2024. Another program will follow the current one for the 2025–2028 funding period.

Call for tenders: Higher education institutions were invited to submit applications at the beginning of the period. No additional call for proposals will be launched.

The "TP2: Cooperation between Swiss universities of applied sciences and arts / Swiss universities of teacher education (UASA/UTE) and Swiss universities" programme is the successor to the homonym programme 2017–2020 and supports cooperative projects in the field of doctoral studies between Swiss universities on the one hand and Swiss UASAs/UTEs on the other. The funded cooperative projects are established and implemented jointly by the partner UASAs/UTEs and universities. Each of them contributes its specific specialist skills and all of them jointly ensure the quality of the doctoral studies offered. The responsible persons at the various types of higher education institutions join together in providing this supervision. The doctoral degrees are issued by the Swiss universities.

The primary emphasis is on the following goals:

  • Promoting joint research between the different types of higher education institutions;
  • Involving UASAs and UTEs in the qualification of their young talents and developing the range of possibilities for doctoral students with a UATAs of UTEs profile;
  • Highlighting the possibility for UASAs and UTEs graduates to pursue third cycle careers;
  • Strengthening international competitiveness of Swiss higher education institutions and enabling them to attract young talents.

The sub-project is part of a reflection on the needs of UASAs and UTEs in terms of training the next generation of young talents and on the means of meeting these needs in the long term.

The governance of the sub-project is ensured by a steering committee:

Members of the Steering Committee TP2

  • Edwin C. Constable, former Vice-rektor Research Universität Basel, President of the Steering Committee
  • Barbara Bader, Rektorin Hochschule Luzern
  • Doris Edelmann, Leiterin Institut für Forschung, Entwicklung und Evaluation Pädagogische Hochschule Bern
  • Felix Kessler, Vice-Rector Research Université de Neuchâtel
  • Jean-Marc Piveteau, Rector Zürcher Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften ZHAW
  • Gabriele Siegert, Vice-Rector und Pro-rector Teaching and Studying Universität Zürich

The following cooperation projects have been accepted:

First call for proposals (2020)

  • SINTA – Doktoratsprogramm Studies in the Arts

    Participating higher education institutions: UniBE, BFH

  • Kooperatives Doktoratsprogramm Fachdidaktik II der Universität Zürich und der Pädagogischen Hochschulen Graubünden, St.Gallen, Schwyz, Zürich und Zug

    Participating higher education institutions: UZH, PHGR, PHSZ, PHSG, PH Zürich, PH Zug

  • Bureau d'appui et de coordination de la formation doctorale (BADOC)

    Participating higher education institutions: UNIL, HES-SO

  • PhD Program in Data Science

    Participating higher education institutions: ZHAW, UZH

  • Doctorat en Travail social (DOCTS)

    Participating higher education institutions: UniNE, HES-SO

  • Doktoratsprogramm Fachdidaktiken am Institut für Bildungswissenschaften

    Participating higher education institutions: Universität Basel, PH FHNW

  • Applied Psychological and Communication Sciences

    Participating higher education institutions: ZHAW, FHGR, FHNW, Universität Basel, UZH

  • PhD Care & Rehabilitation Sciences 21-24

    Participating higher education institutions: ZHAW, BFH, Kalaidos, SUPSI, UZH

  • Campus Luzern – Kooperative Promotionsförderung an den Luzerner Hochschulen

    Participating higher education institutions: HSLU, Unilu, PH Luzern

  • CAHR/2CR2D Programme doctoral complémentaire romand de didactique disciplinaire

    Participating higher education institutions: HEP Vaud, HEP-BEJUNE, PH-VS, HEP | PH FR, UNIGE, Unifr

  • Forschungslaboratorium «Epistemologien ästhetischer Praktiken»

    Participating higher education institutions: ETH, UZH, ZHdK

  • Managing languages, arguments and narratives in the datafied society

    Participating higher education institutions: ZHAW, USI

Second call for proposals (2021)

  • KO-FORD: Koordination von Forschung und Doktoratsbetreuung am Institut für Bildungswissenschaften

    Participating higher education institutions: PH FHNW, Universität Basel

  • Cooperation project Doctorate Democracy Studies & Civic Education

    Participating higher education institutions: PH FHNW, UZH