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Newsletter of the Programme Open Science, December 2022

Dear colleagues,

Here is the latest issue of our newsletter, which informs you regularly about our programme and its scope: From general updates on the Open Science Programme, to Open Access and Open Research Data tools, events, and open positions.

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We invite you to contribute to the newsletter with your own news. They can be Open Science events, conferences, workshops, open positions, and relevant news related to Open Science projects or mandates taking place in Switzerland and abroad. Send us the English title and text of your news item to at the latest by the first Monday of each month (with the exception of January and August, when no newsletter is published).

With thanks and best regards,

The Open Science Team of swissuniversities



Open Access Call for Projects: Open Action Lines for 2023

The Open Science Program of swissuniversities welcomes applications from eligible higher education institutions focusing on the following action lines by Wednesday, 31 May 2023.

  1. Participation to international initiatives
  2. Alternative forms of publication
  3. Research Assessment
  4. Setting up of shared services & e-infrastructures

More information regarding the Open Access Implementation Plan, the relevant action lines and the requirements are available in the document "Open Action Lines for the 2023 Open Access Call for Projects".

All relevant information about this call is published under this link and in the document section located on the right side of the website.

Please note that our Open Access contacts at Swiss higher education institutions are available on our website. Thank you for in case there are any changes.


Swiss Open Research Data Grants

swissuniversities and the ETH Domain jointly organise the Swiss Open Research Data Grants programme. This collaboration enables coherent and broad bottom-up support for ORD practices across disciplines and higher education institutions in Switzerland, thereby facilitating synergies and complementarities.

I) The first call for Track C “Contribute projects” was closed on 1 December 2022

Track C “Contribute projects” enable researchers to contribute to existing open communities built on ORD principles, validate their integration into existing infrastructures (also on an international scale), and focus on their potential to improve scientific impact and technical quality.

A second call for proposals for Track C will be issued from 2 June 2023 to 2 August 2023.


II) Reminder: The second call for proposals for Track A “Explore projects” will close on 31 December 2022

Track A encompasses early-phase exploration as well as the testing and prototyping of a potential ORD practice. It allows for engagement with a community without necessarily creating a final product. The objective is to help researchers explore if and how ORD practices can be developed.

The application guidelines for Track A are available here. Proposals may be submitted until 31 December 2022 (12:00 CEST). Further information can be found on the Swiss Open Research Data Grants website.



Diamond OA Publishing in Switzerland: Where we stand now and the road ahead

Online webinar | Thursday, February 23, 2023, 4–5 pm

► Register here for this online event (free participation).

Since the publication of the «OA Diamond Journal Study» in 2021 and the «Action Plan for Diamond Open Access» in March 2022, the movement towards community-led publishing that is free for both readers and authors has gained strong momentum, providing tail wind for discussions of alternative forms for open access publishing that highlight the limits and inherent inequalities of current models.

The «Platinum Open Access Funding» project (PLATO) is an initiative of six Swiss universities (University of Zurich, University of Bern, University of Geneva, University of Neuchâtel, ETH Zurich, Zurich University of Arts), co-financed by swissuniversities, to strengthen Diamond open access publishing in Switzerland.

From April to September 2022, PLATO in collaboration with the Bern University of Applied Sciences has undertaken a study on the current landscape of Diamond OA journals, its scope, infrastructures, challenges, and opportunities. Based on the findings of this study, the PLATO project sets out to devise sustainable funding models for existing and upcoming journals as well as strategies for further developing Diamond OA publishing in Switzerland.

The webinar will give an overview of the key findings of the PLATO study and will give space for discussing the study as well as the opportunities and challenges ahead towards more equitable, affordable, and diverse scholarly publishing.

The PLATO Study Report will be published at the end of 2022 and will be sent out to all participants before the meeting.

Please contact Dr Daniela Hahn for more information regarding the webinar.

Since February 2022, Daniela Hahn is the project manager of the «Platinum Open Access Funding» project (PLATO) at the University of Zurich.



The Open Science Team of swissuniversities wishes you a happy festive season and all the best for 2023.

The next newsletter will be published in February 2023 at the earliest.

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