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Newsletter of the Programme Open Science, April 2022

Dear colleagues,

Here is the latest issue of our newsletter in English, which informs you regularly about our program and its scope.

For any question you may have, please feel free to contact us at the following address: 



Call for Projects – Open Action Lines for 2022

The Open Science Program from swissuniversities welcomes applications from eligible higher education institutions focusing on the following action lines by Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

  1. Setting up of shared services & e-infrastructures
  2. International participations
  3. Alternative forms of publication
  4. Research Assessment

More information regarding the action lines and the requirements are available in the document "Open Action Lines for the 2022 Open Access Call for Projects".

All information about this call will be published under this link.


Call for Tenders – Regulatory Framework

As mentioned in the February and March issue of our newsletter, the call for tenders Regulatory Framework has now been launched. The call is by invitation only and all potential bidders have been invited to submit an offer by July 1, 2022.

All information about this call for tenders is available under this link.


Expanding the Open Science Reviewer’s Pool – National Program Open Science I (2021-2024)

The National Open Science Program, with an allocated budget of 11 million CHF for the period 2021-2024, will match another 11 million CHF invested by the Swiss higher education institutions themselves on their way to achieve the goals of the Open Access Implementation Plan. The phase A of this program focusing on Open Access (OA) will be completed by a phase B focusing on Open Research Data (ORD) starting in 2022.

We are pleased to have received a great amount of national and international applications that match our programme in terms of expertise and requirements. We are also pleased that the Open Science Delegation approved the selection of 26 new members of the Reviewers' Pool on March 18, 2022.

Further information will be published on our website in the near future.


Call for Proposals – Open Access Days 2022 (Bern)

The Open Access Days 2022 will be held by the University Library of Bern from September 19 to 21. They are dedicated to the topic of collaboration.

The transformation of the publication system towards more openness and transparency is a task that can only be accomplished together. Therefore, the collaboration of academic libraries with researchers, other institutions and networks, funders and service providers is immensely important.

Proposals for talks, workshops, posters, amounts for the Tool Marketplace and messages for moderation can be submitted until these dates:

Talks and workshops until April 11, 2022

Posters, tool marketplace and moderation until July 4, 2022

For any questions you may have, please feel free to contact:
Dr. Elio Pellin - Universitätsbibliothek Bern



AI, ORD & the Research Data Connectome - Philippe Cudre-Mauroux

The webinar by Philippe Cudre-Mauroux took place on March 31st. It provided an exciting introduction to modern AI techniques, the research efforts of the eXascale Lab and an overview of the Research Data Connectome.

The slides of the presentation can be found here.

For more information, you are invited to contact Philippe Cudre-Mauroux and Sebastian Sigloch (SWITCH) directly.


We currently have 3 more webinars organised, so please feel free to register accordingly:

1   Project «HI-FRAME»: Professorial recruitment in an Open Science environment
Karin Gilland Lutz | Deputy Head of the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity at the University of Zurich and Co-Chair of the LERU Policy Group Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (LinkedIn).

Mihaela Falub | Program Manager in the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity at the University of Zurich (LinkedIn)

► Online webinar taking place on Thursday April 28, 2022 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm

This webinar provides an introduction to the HI-FRAME project. The University of Zurich addresses the rewards and incentives aspect of the Open Science movement through the project HI-FRAME, which is funded within the federal program P5 Open Science Part A Open Access.  HI-FRAME was launched in September 2021 and contributes to the implementation of UZH’s Open Science policy and simultaneously provides a path forward for translating UZH’s commitment to the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment into practice. A central aspect of HI-FRAME is moreover that it has an equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) perspective at its core.

In the spring of 2022, three UZH faculties will begin piloting HI-FRAME in professorial hiring procedures. This means integrating Open Science activities systematically as candidate evaluation criteria from the very beginning to the end of the hiring procedures. HI-FRAME delivers a set of tools for the practical implementation.

The project leaders Dr. Mihaela Falub and Dr. Karin Gilland Lutz from the UZH’s Office for Gender Equality and Diversity created HI-FRAME because they saw a need to align researchers’ incentives in favor of the Open Science movement. In particular, there is a need to ensure that early-career academics do not experience any negative consequences due to their Open Science engagement, when they reach the point in their careers where they begin to apply for professorships.

Mihaela Falub is Program Manager in the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity at the University of Zurich. After a PhD in Physics in Germany, she first followed an international academic career, holding several postdoctoral positions in the Netherlands and Switzerland, before moving into the so-called third space in higher education. Over the last decade she led several career development programs for female researchers at ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. Her current work and interests are related to women leadership in academia, research funding, researchers’ assessment, and professorial hiring in Open Science.

Karin Gilland Lutz is Deputy Head of the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity at the University of Zurich and Co-Chair of the LERU Policy Group Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Some of her main areas of focus include the Horizon Europe Gender Equality Plan and academic recruiting in an Open Science environment. Karin holds a PhD in Political Science from Trinity College Dublin and is currently completing a Masters of Public Administration at the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer. 

► Registration for this event is free and can be submitted here.


2   Swiss Open Research Data Action Plan: Overview & Next Steps
Do you wish to learn more about the ORD Action Plan and the upcoming open action lines? Save the date! This event will be organised through MS Teams with team members of the Open Science Team. 
Detailed information will be published in the near future.

► Online webinar taking place on Thursday, May 19, 2022 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

► Registration for this event is free and can be submitted here.



3   Open Science and Data Protection: What do I need to keep in mind?
Anna Kuhn | Data Protection Officer at SWITCH, Attorney at Law, CIPP/E  (LinkedIn)

► Online webinar taking place on Thursday July 21, 2022 from 11:00 to 12:00 pm

The first part of the presentation will be about SWITCH and the recently founded legal consultancy SWITCHlegal ( Participants will get insights on the working areas of SWITCH for Higher Education and Research Institutions and in particular how institutions can benefit from legal support at SWITCH. In the second part, Anna Kuhn will talk about data protection requirements in connection with Open Science and provide tips and tricks when processing personal data. The final part will be an open discussion and participants are invited to ask their questions.

Anna Kuhn is Data Protection Officer (DPO), Product Manager SWITCHlegal, and Secretary General at SWITCH. Some of her main areas of focus include ICT law, including data protection law, telecommunications law, procurement law, internet governance, licensing law, intellectual property law. Anna is Data Protection Officer at SWITCH, responsible for consulting and training at SWITCH in data protection matters, as well as Head of SWITCHlegal for advising the BFI community on ICT-related legal matters.

► Registration for this event is free and can be submitted here.



  • Webinar April 8, 2022:
    Setting the stage for open science policy development, infrastructure and capacity building
    ► Registration for this event can be submitted here.
  • Webinar April 29, 2022:
    Developing collaborative governance for open science through public participation and inclusive knowledge

    ► Registration for this event can be submitted here.
  • Webinar May 20, 2022:
    Aligning incentives, rewards, and evaluation methods for open science in the scientific process

    ► Registration for this event can be submitted here.
  • Webinar June 10, 2022: 
    Fostering international cooperation and reducing gaps in access to scientific knowledge through open science

    ► Registration for this event can be submitted here.

    More information is available under this link.



  • Communication Specialist (50%) – swissuniversities
    Start date: Now or to be agreed.
    The Communication Department of the General Secretariat of swissuniversities is looking for a Communication Specialist who, in addition to a very broad range of tasks, will also support the Open Science team in operational communication activities.

    Detailed job offer is available online.



  • Open Science Days - May 09-10, 2022 | HES-SO (hybrid)
    The HES-SO is organising two days dedicated to Open Science on May 9-10, 2022. They will be held in Lausanne at La Source School of Nursing. The days include conferences and practical workshops on Open data (May 9) and Open access (May 10). While face-to-face participation is encouraged, it is also possible to take part remotely. The days are free of charge and open to all interested people.

    The programme and registration form are available on the event page.
  • Open Access Days – September 19-21, 2022 | University Library of Bern
    Further information will be published on the event page.


We invite you to contribute to the newsletter with your own news. Your news can be Open Science events, conferences, workshops, open positions and relevant news related to OS projects or mandates taking place in Switzerland and abroad. In order to be included in our upcoming newsletter, feel free to send us the English title and text to at the latest by the first Monday of each month.

With thanks and best regards,

The Open Science Team from swissuniversities

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